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Stronger My Way

Stronger My Way Do the physical and mental symptoms of your health condition vary from day to day? Does the unpredictability of how you feel make it difficult to stay motivated?  Gradually getting stronger can help you feel more in control and reach your goals.  Click the link find physio approved reliable advice including strengthening exercises and how to set a strength goal.  
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Tai Chi

5 minutes a day - gentle exercise Tai chi can boost upper and lower body flexibility as well as strength. This simple video clip on you tube, demonstrates and explains that you need to practice to improve, but it is a really safe and gentle way to exercise and hopefully makes you feel better too. Tai chi
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One You-Helping with your New Year’s Resolutions

News Helping with New Year's Resolutions - One You One You is the latest physical activity campaign from the One You programme, devised by Public Health England. One You is the first national programme that seeks to encourage adults to make positive changes to their everyday behaviours that could see them avoid many of the diseases caused by modern day lifestyles. How are you? This 10-minute quiz will give you an idea of improvements you can make to better your long-term health. If you are having problems exercising because of pain or stiffness talk to one of us!
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