Confidentiality Policy

Our patients have trusted us to provide their osteopathic care. As part of the practice team we all

have a responsibility to maintain the trust of our patients. Our patients must be able to trust us with

their information.

Confidentiality is a legal requirement of practices but it is also of great value to us as a practice and

therefore we would like the whole practice team to agree to make the following commitments:

  • patient records and information will be stored securely when not in use
  • practitioners and reception staff will only view patient information they need to see
  • practitioners and reception staff will not access records unnecessarily
  • we will keep confidential who visits our practice, where they live, the date and times of their
  • appointments and any other personal or medical details
  • we will not disclose information to relatives or friends of patients without permission from the
  • patient
  • we will not discuss our patients or colleagues and breach confidentiality

Please note that it is a criminal offence to unlawfully obtain or access personal data. This applies to

the access of patient data and has resulted in prosecutions in healthcare settings in the past.

If anyone asks you for patient information either face to face or on the phone, please explain to them

our confidentiality policy and hopefully that will increase their respect for our practice.

Please sign below to confirm that you have read and understood the confidentiality policy of the

practice and that you agree to follow our requirements and continue to give our patients every reason

to trust the practice.


Name:                                                              Signature                                              Date


Catherine Hamilton-Plant

Clare Richmond

Barry Jacobs

Louise North

Neil Younger

Elizabeth Dorward

Tina Cockhill

Louise Halsall

Theresa Gilson

Alex Gorin

Tia Mitchell




Review Date: 2 years or as dictated by law